Skinny but still have cellulite

You can try to read this article, is about cellulite reduction. HOpe it can help you and for those who facing this problem. I think as long as you handle yourself confidently and don't make a big deal about it, men will follow suit. Women who have cellulite do have boyfriends and do have sex. Don't let it get you down. I have cellulite and have learned to work around it. There are worst things than cellulite. So you should not be overly conscious of it and make yourself feels terrible.

But you should take active steps to reduce your cellulite. I'm also worried, but my boyfriend has assured me it doesn't bother him. I think it all depends on how much they love you. Some can look past it, others are shallow and like the girls without it. Too bad most girls get it sometime in life.

Do guys care about cellulite?

So either way, those shallows guys are eventually going to have to settle on a girl like us. I don't mind it at all. Artists used to consider voluptuous women the most beautiful and included cellulite in their paintings of beautiful women. Society's beauty standards have gotten pretty frightening and repulsive.

Perte de poids en début de grossesse

I think a lot probably do. Bitchism seems to be a much worse affliction. Thank you. Répondre Enregistrer. Dee M Lv 7. Il y a 1 décennie. It's not something they seek out but most guys dont mind it.

Skinny but still have cellulite

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Que pensez-vous des réponses? Vous pouvez ouvrir une session pour attribuer un vote à la réponse. Sorrow Like Smiles. Sounds like I'm in the same spot as you. I hate it! She wants me to run a 5k with her but all I can ever think about is how it's cutting out my time at the gym. Excess cardio is what creates the skinny fat, not what heals it. As you develop the muscle you desire in your legs, you can carefully use your runs or preferred cardio to help with extra fat.

But too much will tear down the muscle that you're trying to build and become counterproductive. If you force your body to choose between building muscle and endurance, endurance will typically win. If you wanted to incorporate cardio that will help you reach your goal, shoot for things like the stairmill, bleacher runs, sprints, etc. Girl, adding squats, deadlifts, etc. Weighted leg work is the real deal when it comes to shaping the legs.

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