Side effects of botox for migraine headaches

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Side effects of botox for migraine headaches

Orthoptiste Pédicure Podologue Psychomotricien. Abstract An open-label study and 2 double-blind, placebo-controlled studies have provided supporting evidence of botulinum toxin type A BTX-A as an effective, well-tolerated treatment for migraine. Le texte complet de cet article est disponible en PDF. Plan Open-label study. Tous droits réservés.

Article précédent Botulinum toxin type A: History and current cosmetic use in the upper face Alastair Carruthers. Medical marijuana? Massage therapy? Chiropractic therapy?

Physical therapy? Punching myself in the face in hopes I scare my migraine away?

Nothing worked. It's still unknown how exactly Botox—proverbial candy to the wrinkle-averse Hollywood set—works in decreasing migraines, but some speculate that the drug targets muscle contraction that may provoke migraines. Another possibility suggests that Botox and migraines could be related to the same brain chemical. At this point, I was willing to try anything. If someone told me that wearing a toaster on my head was thought to help migraines, I'd be off to Target to buy the latest model. So after some research using Doctor Internet everyone's favorite doctor!

When he saw my file and realized I had, indeed, tried everything, he told me I was the perfect candidate for the Botox treatment. A month after my first appointment, I got the all clear from my insurance company and was ready for my injections. The whole session took all of five minutes, but it was not a comfortable or easy five minutes.

The Botox treatment for migraines consists of injections to seven key areas—my forehead, head, neck, back and shoulders, for a total of 31 injections.

Botox for Migraines? A Firsthand Account of How the Drug Helped With Pain

I sat in a chair in the middle of the room, got a tiny stress ball in the shape of a football to squeeze and sat still while my doctor and an assistant circled around me with a syringe. Did it hurt? I squeezed the hell out of that tiny foam football.

Side effects of botox for migraine headaches

But after you feel the first couple of tiny pinpricks, you then know what to expect and can prepare for the rest. For me, the shots to the side of my neck hurt the most, and sometimes I felt a stinging sensation while the Botox was injected.

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Chronic anal fissures CAFs are frequently encountered in coloproctology clinics. Chemical sphincterotomy with pharmacological agents is recommended as first-line therapy. An alternative treatment modality is injection of botulinum toxin BT into the anal sphincter. Two independent reviewers performed methodological assessment and data extraction.